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Tel: 01444 23 30 30


Member Keith Upton writes:

We still have a bit of old stock of spares for open reel and cassette decks and also we sell open reel tape as well as old stock of cassettes, VHS and other video tapes, DAT and mini disc!

We have stocked up on Rode and Electrovoice microphones, we also have just signed up as a premium dealer for Zoom Recording products and have good stocks. If members were to phone in we could always offer a little extra discount.

We also have some old but brand new small digital recorders which will be sold off well below cost. Olympus, Fostex and an old Zoom Q2 HD video recorder. We will be showing these soon on the website at a reduced price when bought with other kit, they will not be sold separately!

David Holland suggests the following:

A good contact for DAT, cassette and electronics repairs.
I have used Paul and found him very efficient and very reasonably priced repairs.

Paul Carrington



County Roscommon

F45 DE44

A chap called Chris Grimshaw of Grimshawaudio has been helpful to me getting two tired Electrovoice dynamic mics back into business.  For valve capacitor mics I have found Funky Junk very good.    (Funky Junk)


Peter has suggested the following "CleanFeed" as a means of remote recording.


Also That Cable  as a potential source of cables, equipment and adaptors. 

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