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When your application to join UKARA has been accepted your details will be added to the membership list.

The principle behind the association is to enable those interested in creative sound recording to be able to share recordings, ideas and requests for help with other members.


Recordings and associated messages, explaining the recording details etc., will be sent to the coordinator at

The membership list will be held and updated by the coordinator who will then distribute these contributions to the membership via email.

For large audio files it is proposed that "Dropbox" "WeTransfer" or similar is used, again being sent via the coordinator for onward distribution. 

Responses, comments, advice and questions will then, in a similar way, be forwarded for all to read. 


It will be for individual members to decide if they then want to establish a one to one discussion by exchanging email addresses.


Recordings from all categories (music, speech sounds of nature, experimental) are encouraged. You may think that your recordings have a limited appeal but be assured that members are usually interested in other people's work.  An explanation of how, when and why the recording was made (location/studio) together with the equipment used and microphone placement plus any unusual problems experienced will all add to the enjoyment and understanding.

This information can be sent as a separate email with an attachment if necessary.  The original recording file and email will then be forwarded to all members.


It would be sensible to keep recordings and hence files to a realistic size for ease of download. (wav or mp3 is your choice).


It has been decided to use an email system of distribution via a coordinator so that new members are always included no matter when they join.  It is also considered to be more convenient as the latest contribution will appear in your inbox and you don't have to remember to log onto a web site just to check if there's something waiting for your attention.


From time to time we also organise social meetings and to visit places of interest.  This will depend upon the wishes of the membership.

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