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If you have any links to entertaining, informative  or other useful sites please share them with the other members by contacting us in the usual way and
they'll be added to the list below.
The following links were sent by David Holland from his collection of
archived videos recorded during past FBTRC and BSRA meetings.
A visit to the HTV studios in Cardiff during 1991 
An experiment in stereo microphone techniques in St Augustin’s
Thorpe Bay during our Southend weekend. 1996   
Blatchington Mill School, Hove in 2013  
Norwich Cathedral  setting up for Monteverdi’d Vespers recording
By David Holland and Jim Purcell 1993

The following link was provided by Mark Rigler to just one of his many
excellent videos.  There’s also a chance to view some of his other work.  The Swanage Railway, 

He needed some female voices to interact with the main voice over.
And came across a web site called

where you type in a sentence or two and it speaks it back, choose the
voice, male, female, British, American etc hit download and it’s your for free.
Maybe of some interest to the others?

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